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64 ft. Scissor Lift, Rough Terrain, Gas or Diesel

Aerial Platforms

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If you have questions, call us at (905) 604-4256

Equipment Description

When it comes to extreme heights and demanding jobs like utility work or sky-high construction, CONEQ Rentals has you covered with our scissor lift rentals. Our heavy-duty gas or diesel scissor lifts are fully equipped for rough terrain, capable of handling challenges such as sloped or rough surfaces and even mud. With a maximum lift height ranging from 60' to 70' and equipment models from trusted brands like MEC, Skyjack, and more, you can count on increased on-site productivity.

Key Features:

Lift heights ranging from 60' to 70' (depending on the model)

Gas or diesel power options available (varies by location)

Wide platform width

Lift capacity of up to 1,200 lbs.

Ideal Uses:

Perfect for precise elevated construction and maintenance work on any terrain.

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