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32 ft. Scissor Lift, Rough Terrain, Gas or Diesel

Aerial Platforms

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If you have questions, call us at (905) 604-4256

Equipment Description

For projects where level, smooth terrain may not be accessible, CONEQ Rentals provides rough terrain scissor lift rentals designed to excel in challenging environments. These gas- or diesel-powered scissor lifts boast an extra-large platform size and a maximum lift capacity ranging from 30' to 35'. Partnering with renowned manufacturers like Skyjack, Genie, and more, we ensure that you have access to top-quality equipment for your needs. Equipped with a heavy-duty 4WD drivetrain, these lifts are capable of traversing slopes, uneven terrain, and mud with ease.

Key Features:

Lift heights ranging from 30' to 35' (depending on the model)

Gas or diesel power options available (varies by location)

Wide platform width

Heavy-duty 4WD drivetrain for rugged terrain

Ideal Uses:

Perfect for precise elevated construction and maintenance work on any terrain.

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