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150 ft. Articulating Boom Lift, Diesel or Gas/LP

Aerial Platforms

For Rent






If you have questions, call us at (905) 604-4256

Equipment Description

Achieve superior performance with CONEQ Rentals' 150' articulating boom lift rental. Tailored for tasks such as reaching high utility towers and conducting repair work on bridges, stadiums, hangars, and more, these specialized lifts ensure efficiency and safety on the job site. Equipped with 4-wheel drive for a smooth ride, they can be safely operated at elevation. Top manufacturers, including JLG and other reputable brands, are available.

Key Features:

Maximum lift height up to 150' (depending on the model)

Jib may be included (depending on the model; models vary by location)

Diesel or gas/LP power options available (varies by location)

Platform stability maintained when raising or lowering from vertical to below horizontal

Ideal Uses:

Perfect for reaching up and over obstacles for maintenance, repair, or construction tasks.

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