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135 ft. Telescopic Boom Lift, Diesel

Aerial Platforms

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If you have questions, call us at (905) 604-4256

Equipment Description

For construction, mechanical contracting, and industrial maintenance needs, CONEQ Rentals offers a comprehensive range of telescopic boom lift rentals. Featuring a sturdy platform design, these straight booms can be raised or lowered while remaining stable and level, allowing for easy movement in any direction. With a maximum lift height of up to 135', these boom lifts ensure efficient operation on the job site. Brands available include JLG, Genie, and more.

Key Features:

Maximum lift height up to 135' (depending on the model)

Jib may be included (depending on the model; models vary by location)

Diesel-powered for reliable performance

4WD for increased traction

Ideal Uses:

Ideal for utility, maintenance, and industrial construction work at height.

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