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11,000 lb. 100ft. Telehandler, Rotating


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If you have questions, call us at (905) 604-4256

Equipment Description

Elevate your projects with high-reaching variable forklift rentals from CONEQ Rentals, perfect for tasks requiring extended reach. These forklifts boast impressive features, including a maximum lift height of 112' to 115' and a forward reach of up to 88'6". With a carrying capacity ranging from 11,200 to 13,200 lbs., they are equipped with operator-friendly controls and offer multiple steering modes for enhanced maneuverability. Brands like Magni and more are available in our inventory, ensuring top-quality equipment for your needs.

Key Features:

  • Maximum lift capacity ranges from 11,200 to 13,200 lbs. (depending on model)

  • Maximum lift height of 112 to 115 feet

  • Telescopic variable reach lift design

  • Equipped with frame-leveling capabilities for stability

Ideal Uses:

Ideal for lifting, moving, and placing construction materials such as lumber, bricks, trusses, and more, these high-reaching forklifts are indispensable for projects requiring extended reach and heavy lifting capabilities.

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